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People magazine is conducting a contest called “All-Stars Among US” to find individuals who have went above and beyond to serve their community.


Julieann Najar, founder of “A  Soldier’s Wish List” is one of the finalists.

For those who don’t know her, here is how People Magazine describe her –

Julieann started sending packages to troops in 1968 during the Vietnam War. In that same spirit, she started A Soldier’s Wish List in 2004.  It conducts fundraisers and collects donations to finance care packages for soldiers overseas. Julie’s organization also coordinates an “adoption” program, matching soldiers with volunteers who send them packages.

Here’s how Julieann describes the start of  “A Soldier’s Wish List”:

In  2003, my son was called up to go to the middle East.   “It now hits closer to home for me.”   When I went to Fort  Riley, Kansas to say goodbye to my son, I met a young man who didn’t have any family there to say goodbye to him.   I asked if I could “adopt” him and another who was there with his wife and son and going back for his second time.   That is how it started.   With 2 troopers then 4, then 10, then 20, and then 150.    It has now grown to over 40,000 troops that have asked to receive boxes for themselves and others in their units.   With each new Soldier, Sailor, Airmen, and Marine that comes in, we have doubled the numbers of those who want to be “Adopted.”

Of her family, Julieann said this on “Talking With Heros”

My great great great grandfather fought in the civil war. My great, great uncle was in WWI. My father was in the 82nd Airborne. He jumped in Normandy on D-day. My brother was a marine in Vietnam. My husband did 2 tours in artillery in Vietnam. And my Stepson was in the push into Iraq as was his wife with the Air Force.

I also know Julieann has a personal stake in this current conflict.
Julieann’s youngest son Kekoa was in the army in Kuwait (before the war) and her oldest son Sgt. Dennis was in Kuwait, first and then he was sent to Iraq in Oct. 2006. He was hit with an IED on Nov. 10th and received a concussion.  He later developed  PTSD, TBI and was just told he also has MS.

In her bio at , Julieann says:  My main reason for my drive and determination is:  NEVER AGAIN WILL OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN BE TREATED AS THEY WERE IN VIETNAM.

Please help her and her organization get the recognition it deserves!


To Vote For Her -> Select the St. Louis Cardinals;  then Select Juliann.

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