The 2012 Christmas Shipment Has Started & A Message of Thanks From Tyler Cox

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Our 2012 Christmas Shipment has started!

On November 23, 2012, Black Friday afternoon, we prepared and mailed three 6.5 foot Christmas Trees to the soldiers in our Christmas shipment that could receive them.

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Description of the Christmas Trees we sent.


Letter of appreciation taped to boxes.


Each tree had to be wrapped in brown paper for the post office to send them. Janice Lauer wrapping trees.

Trees arriving at Post Office. Janice Lauer behind cart.

Janice Lauer completing custom forms and mailing trees.

We are shipping to six people this year, those who could receive trees are designated:

SGT Shalamar Brewington – Tree
Tyler Cox – Tree
Nathaniel Edwards
Russell Gray
CS2 Tony Hart – Tree
SGT Ethan Kline

Those receiving trees will also receive a 14″x14″x14″ box of decorations to use on their trees.

If you’d like to donate ornaments for this purpose, please make sure they are unbreakable and will fit into the box described.

Those not receiving trees will receive their decorations in large flat rate priority boxes – 12” x 12” x 5-1/2”.

Decorations for these people must also be unbreakable and will need to fit into the box described.

We are anticipating 3 – 4 flat rate priority boxes will be sent to each soldier crammed with goodies.

We need to have everything in the mail by December 1, 2012 for our soldiers to receive their things before the Holidays. So collection must end on Friday, November 30, 2012.

PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP WITH PACKING.  The packing party is scheduled for 5 PM in the conference room at 920 Wildwood.

Additional details about this shipment can be found above. Click the Tab “Collecting Now”.

Finally, I would like to share a message of Thanks I received from Tyler Cox.

From: Tyler Cox
To: “” Subject: Thank You
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2012 08:54:15 -0800 (PST)

Mr. Lauer,
I am writing this on behalf of myself, my Team, and our support troops. We are very thankful for your orginizations donations and gift boxes. We currently reside at 7,000 ft literally on the top of a mountain. We live a very spartan lifestyle up here, so mail (especially mail with goodies in it) is a very welcomed site. I’m sorry that I have not had a chance to write and say thank you sooner, we have been very busy with missions and building up our camp (we need to be done before the first snow). I have to run but wanted to make sure that you knew the troops your are supporting greatly appriciate the efforts that you have made to to say thanks.
Tyler Cox

2012 Thanksgiving Shipment Is On Its Way

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We had 10 volunteers for the packing party on Friday, November 9, 2012:

Nancy Hart
Kally Kline
Carla Kolb
George Lauer
Janice Lauer
Betty Lohmann
Tim Lohmann
Lauren McComb
Tonya McComb
Carrie Montgomery.

We prepared 10 boxes, 2 each for our 5 soldiers:

SGT Shalamar Brewington
Tyler Cox
Russell Gray
CS2 Tony Hart
SGT Ethan Kline.

REMEMBER : Click Photos to ENLARGE them, use back navigation arrow to return.

Letter included in each box.

Cards from Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center and School.

Cards from Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center and School.

Cards from Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center and School.

Cards from Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center and School.

Cards from Janice Lauer.

Laminated leaves made into cards from Jo King.

Stationary Kits and Blank Christmas Cards from Jo King.

Homemade Cookies from Janice Dickneite – Tofee and Chocloate Chip.

Table Decorations from Betty Lohmann each soldier got 2.

Hand written cards.

Caramel Corn donated by Gina Atknison.

Boxes being layered with goodies.

Boxes being layered with goodies.

Boxes being layered with goodies.

Some of the Decorations donated.

Correspondence stacks for each soldier. Cards to them and cards for them to use.

Janice Lauer and Nancy Hart.

Carla Kolb, Carrie Montgomery, Tonya McComb, Lauren McComb, and Janice Lauer.

Lauren McComb, Tonya McComb, Carrie Montgomery, Kally Kline, Nancy Hart, Tim Lohmann, Carla Kolb, Janice Lauer, Betty Lohmann.

Carla Kolb, Kally Kline, Tonya McComb, Lauren McComb (front), Carrie Montgomery, Nancy Hart, Janice Lauer, (George Lauer, Tim Lohmann and Betty Lohmann not pictured).

Janice Lauer mailing packages.