2012 Easter / Passover Shipment Is On Its Way

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We had 10 volunteers show up at the “Packing Party” on Friday, March 23, 2012:

Kathy Branson
Lori Buchanan
Lindley Buchanan
David Hackett
Sherrill Hackett
Sabrina Hackett
Ashley Hackett
Peggy Hartman
George Lauer
Janice Lauer

This group prepared 22 priority boxes, 2 each for our 11 solders:

SGM Sharon Belt
Specialist Whitney Brauch
Lt. Kristen D. Gross
William Harrison
CS2(SW) Anthony Hart
Christopher Pearre
Weston Phelps
Sgt. Travis Pogue
LCPL Cody D Smith
Lance Corporal Andrew C. Steck
FC3 Jacob Wilhoit

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Homemade cards by Lucy, Andi, and Angelina with letter & rubber frog supplied by their neighbor Jo King.

Inside one of the above.

Cards & Letters Mrs Elam's 4th Grade, Southeast Elementary Park Hill School District, Kansas City Missouri.

Letters Mrs. Morgan's 1st Grade, Southeast Elementary Park Hill School District, Kansas City Missouri.

Treats and Cards from Timmy & Michelle Gutcher.

Treat Bags from Betty Lohmann.

Homemade cookies from Betsy Britt .

Chocolate Chip Cookies in plastic containers from Dennis & Linda Sykes.

Caramel corn from Gina Atkinson.

Homemade lollipops from Dianna Prenger.

Chocolate chip cooklies.

Cards from Immanuel Lutheran Learning Center and School.

Cards from Calvary Lutheran.

Janice Lauer setting up and starting to pack.

"Goodies" box about half full.

Another "goodies" box about half full.

Non edible / hygiene box about half full.

David Hackett and Kathy Branson packing boxes.

Sabrina Hackett and Ashley Hackett sorting cards.

Janice Lauer, Kathy Branson, Lori Buchanan, Ashley Hackett Packing.

Dave and Ashley Hackett stacking and placing custom forms on boxes. Sabrina Hackett's arm handing them a custom form they had asked for.

Lindley Buchanan handing Dave Hackett a box.

Packing Crew: Lori Buchanan, Dave Hackett, Sherrill Hackett, Sabrina Hackett, Lindley Buchanan, Janice Lauer, George Lauer- not shown Kathy Branson, Ashley Hackett, Peggy Hartman,

The 22 packages were delivered to the post office on Saturday morning, March 24, 2012.

Janice Lauer at post office delivering Easter Shipment 2012.

Click the last picture and then click the magnifying glass over the name plate on the counter. Our postal clerk was a new associate in training; poor lady really was tested with our load.

Again, I want to thank everybody who help make this shipment possible. As long as our precious children are in harms way protecting us, showing them we care is the least we can do for them.


Post Card from Sgt Travis Pogue to Timmy & Michelle Gutcher

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I received the following email on Saturday March 10, 2012 from Michelle Gutcher.


Timmy and Michelle Gutcher

On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 9:18 PM, Michelle Gutcher wrote:


How are you? I am doing quite well. Timmy & I received a post card in the mail from SGT Travis Pogue. He is in Egypt. It was really a heart warmer when we saw it in the mailbox. One of these days I am planning on bringing Timmy to Jefferson City to help at one of the packing parties for the troops. It would be an awesome experience for Timmy. Our shipment for the Easter shipment will be on it’s way this week. Take Care!




Letter of Thanks from Corporal Daniel Lohmann

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