Thanksgiving Shipment for 2011 is ON IT’S WAY!

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12 volunteers showed up at the “Packing Party” on Thursday, November 10, 2011:

David Hackett
Sherrill Hackett
Sabrina Hackett
Peggy Hartman
Carla Kolb
George Lauer
Janice Lauer
Betty Lohmann
Carrie Montgomery
Elizabeth Daniel
Trey Daniel
Zack Daniel

This team managed to prepare 21 Large Flat Rate Priority Boxes; 3 each for our 7 deployed troops. The soldiers receiving packages were:

Specialist Whitney Brauch – Son in Law to be to Carrie Montgomery
CS2(SW) Anthony Hart – son of Nancy Hart, 930 Building; brother to Erin Hart, State Lab; and brother to Sarah (Hart) Burch, 3418 Knipp Drive
Sgt. Joshua Mickels – husband to Becca Mickels, 920 Building
SGT Christopher Panter – friend to George Lauer, 920 Building
Chris Pearre – nephew to Carrie Montgomery, 3418 Knipp Drive
Weston Phelps – nephew to Lisa Miller, 920 Building
Sgt. Travis Pogue – Son in Law to Roger Lehnhoff

New on this shipment were: Specialist Whitney Brauch and Sgt. Travis Pogue. Whitney actually became a last minute replacement in our Halloween Shipment and we have taken care of Travis before.

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Sgt. Travis Pogue on right.

Beautiful Hand Written letters from Michelle and Timmy Gutcher.

Timmy and his mom Michelle have consistently made hand written cards and letters for my shipments.

Timmy and his mom Michelle Gutcher.

He is a wonderful little guy and a PATRIOT.

Timmy Gutcher at moving Vietnam Wall.

Timmy with Congressional Medal of Honor Winners - Sammy L. Davis & Bruce Crandall.

Cards donated by "From Our Hearts" for the soldiers to use to write home.

Cards from Bush Elementary School in Fulton.

Personalized Cards written by Janice Lauer.

Sentiment inside card by Caleb Stangl.

30 + cards from 3rd Grade at St Peter's School.

40 cards from Fatima Elementary.

Sentiment inside card by Allyson Havens.

Cards from Emmanuel Lutheran.

Bags of Home Made Cookies from Diane Wehrle.

George Lauer, Trey Daniel, Elizabeth Daniel, Carrie Montgomery, Betty Lohmann, Dave Hackett, Sabrina Hackett.

Cards divided up into 7 stacks.

Sabrina Hackett, Betty Lohmann, Carrie Montgomery, Dave Hackett, Carla Kolb.

Sabrina Hackett with custom forms.

Elizabeth Daniel with Trey and Zack writing special messages for Whitney Brauch. Carrie Montgomery on right.

Sherrill Hackett giving Sabrina Hackett hug.

Sabrina Hackett, George Lauer, Dave Hackett, Sherrill Hackett loading van.

Sabrina Hackett helping load packages.

Janice Lauer with Packages at the Post Office.

Janice Lauer signing custom forms; packages being sent.

Cartoon that appeared on each soldiers letter,