“Wreaths for Heroes” becoming a reality Saturday, December 11, 2010

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PLEASE come to the Jefferson City National Cemetery at 1024 East McCarty Street on Saturday, December 11, 2010, by 8 AM and help place over 1500 wreaths on veteran’s graves. “Wreaths for Heroes” a project spearheaded by Lorraine Atkins is about to become a reality and she needs your help to honor our veteran’s grave with a wreath. The laying of these wreaths will also coincide with the National Wreaths Across America Program http://www.wreathsacrossamerica.org/.

—–> UPDATE <—–

The turn out for the wreath laying was enormous!
What was planned to take 2 hours took 20 minutes.
Watch the video below to see Lorraine’s reaction.

Enormous turn out in early hours to Make Lorraine's Dream Come True.

The Dream Became Real

The Dream

Click HERE to read the News Tribune Article.

Christmas Shipments are OUT!!!

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Janice Lauer standing with 3rd Christmas Shipment as it goes into post office.

The third and final Troop Christmas Shipment for this year went out Saturday, December 4, 2010! The shipment consisted of 24 priority boxes (2 each to our 12 soldiers) and for our two new soldiers (Joshua Gass & Matthew Freuh), two 6.5 foot pre-lit Christmas trees and two large boxes of Christmas ornaments and decorations (many of these hand made).

There is a little story I must tell you about this shipment.

This third shipment was almost delayed because our son, Mark D Lauer was involved in a car accident just 45 minutes before the “packing party” was to start. Mark was traveling to Columbia, Missouri to audition for the Missouri State honor’s band when he collided with at large band trailer. When we learned of the accident, we called and ask Cassie Lauberth to post a notice on the doors that the packing party would have to be postponed.

After we took care of Mark, Jan and I came back to the office to do what we could by ourselves.

When we arrived we found that ALL of the gang were there attempting to do it without us! Because they stayed, we managed to get the last shipment of out.

As for Mark, he shook off the accident and made 1st Chair Bassoon in the Missouri State Honors Band for 2011!

Gang Packing the boxes: Foreground has Cassie Lauberth, Peggy Hartman, Debbie Klindt, Nancy Hart, Kathy Sale, Background has Pat Ellis, Carla Kolb and Sara Dooley.

Dave Sale and Rick Williams Wrapping Trees.

Janice Lauer, George Lauer, Cassie Lauberth, Sara Dooley, Debbie Klindt, Dave Sale, Carla Kolb, Kathy Sale, Pat Ellis, Connie Williams, Rick Williams. Not Shown Peggy Hartman.

Below are just a few of the items I had time to photograph – I know that there was much I did not have time to get to; my apologies to those I missed or failed to credit.

Home made Cookies and Brownies from Diane Wehrle.

35 felt mice decorations

Mice were held together with candy canes.

Home made Crayon and Wax ornaments

Two ornaments identified as being made by Carter 4 and Sierra 7.

Some 60 Cards and pictures from kids at the Learning Center & Kindergarten at Immanuel Lutheran School in Honey Creek.

Well over 30 music CD's from Connie Williams.

More of the Music included.

More of the Music included.

Several movie DVD’s (not photographed) were also sent.

Over 80 Home made cards from the kids at St. Peters - coordinated by Diana Farmer.

A few of cards from St. Peters

40 Cards made by 1st Grade class at St. Stanislaus School - Coordinated by Carol Steinman.

Finally, in addition to the cakes, candies, and goodies, we purchased each soldier beef summer sausage, mega bags of jerky, large packages of Oreos, and chili.

Again, this was the final 3rd Shipment to the Troops for Christmas.
For details on the first two visit:


Here is where the Support Fund stands:

We entered the Christmas Shipments with $138.18 left over from Thanksgiving. We collected $1,286.44. This included $388.50 from Connie Williams and Cassie Lauberth’s bake sale and $550.00 from the JCHS’s Ambassador’s Club Patriot Tree at the Veteran’s Appreciation Dinner. We’ve spent -$1,088.05 in postage and item purchase. So we have a remaining balance of $336.57 as we enter next year.

$138.18 + $1,286.44$1,088.05 = $336.57

Before closing I want to introduce you to Joshua Gass, one of our new soldiers.

Joshua Gass


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