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On Sunday October 17, 2010, 22 packers prepared 24 large priority flat rate boxes for 12 brave patriots (each received 2 boxes). The packages, loaded with goodies and Halloween decorations, were mailed on Monday, October 18, 2010 to:

Capt Damien Butel
Sgt. Jacob Wilkes
Lcpl Garrett Shewmaker
Lcpl Daniel L Lohmann,
SPC Seth Muenks
Kevin Eng
Lcpl Michael Ahmad
W2 Christopher J. Mather
Paul Sale
Julie Hollowell
Shalamar Brewington
CS2(SW) Hart, Anthony (S-2)

The 22 packers were:

Betty Lohmann (Daniel Lohmann’s mom)
Peggy Hartman
Barb Brueggman
Carla Kolb
Pattie Ellis
Connie Williams
Janice Lauer
George Lauer

NOTE: The 14 remaining packers were young ladies from the First Baptist Church of Eldon, Missouri.  Their group is called “Girls In Action” (also known as GA’s)- visit: http://www.fbceldon.com/girlsinaction.htm.

Dottie Summers
JoAnn Kirkwood-Harbison
Lilliah Summers
Heather Harbison (card)
Kaitlyn Riley (card)
Shay Ames (card)
Hayley Ames (card)
Emily Lewis (card)
Abby Summers (card)
Becky Gandy
Stephanie Wallace (card)
Gracie P Porter
Sierra Riley (card)
Deborah Gaona (card)

The notation “(card)” behind a child’s name means that they made a handmade card to send.

NOTE: Below click the image and subsequent image to enlarge.

Boxes were packed layer by layer. This boxes first layer contained some decorations.

Edibles starting the first layer of this box.

Another box with it's first layer of edibles.

DVD's, CD's and Thumb Drives were included among the goodies.

Homemade Cookies - Thanks Diane Wehrle

Handmade cards from Jennifer Whitson’s Middle School classes in Steelville, Missouri. Over 70 cards sent about half shown above.

Packing - Janice Lauer, Peggy Hartman, Betty Lohmann, Barb Brueggman

Packing - Janice Lauer with "Girls In Action"

"Girls In Action" helping to sort greeting cards for soldiers to use. Pattie Ellis & Peggy Hartman directing them

JoAnn Kirkwood-Harbison directing another group of the GA's in sorting and preparing cards.

Janice Lauer, Betty Lohmann, Barg Brueggman leading GA's in distributing handmade cards.

Connie Williams and Carla Kolb preparing custom forms.

Taping the Boxes and attaching the custom forms.

Van loaded with packages - only the first two rows (about half) are visible in sunlight.

Counter at post office was filled 4 times like this.

We entered the Halloween shipment with $213.89 left from the microwave shipment. We raised $723.00 in collections for this shipment and spent $606.21 ($300 of which was postage 24 X $12.50).
So we enter the Thanksgiving Shipment with:
$213.89 + $723.00 - $606.21 = $330.68