Valentine / St. Patrick’s Day Shipment ON IT’S WAY!!

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The Team (minus me taking the picture)

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Despite Mother Nature serving up a large helping of winter weather in the form of snow, the Valentine / St. Patrick’s Day Shipment went out on Saturday January 30, 2009.

The 13 soldiers receiving packages were:

PFC, Engler, Maxwell
CS2 Anthony Hart
Travis M. Cook
Lt. Jeremy Preston
William Harrison
Derick Asahl
Dominic Butel
Major Norman E. James
PFC Brent Dunlap
Specialist Christopher L. Cade
Sgt. Matthew Dodd
Sgt. Travis Pogue
SFC Janice McConnell

We shipped 27 packages in total. Each Soldier received two packages and SFC Janice McConnel received a special birthday package from her family.

Setting Up Assemply Line

Setting Up Assemply Line

Donations for Sorting

Donations for Sorting

Boxes were packed in layers. Each one carefully arranged to get the maxium amount of stuff.





Each completed box was topped off with a letter from us.


Each soldier received at least one DVD (some received two) and at least 3 Audio CD’s (most received 4)! Also included were Homemade cookies made by Diane Wehrle and Janice Dickneite.


Handmade Scarves by Christine Ketterer (pictured above) and Handmade cards from children were included.






Children sending cards included those from: Immanuel Lutheran; Jennifer Whitson’s Class in Steelville; Yvette Joyce’s Class at Lawson Elementary, and some made by Janice Dickneite’s family.

Blanks cards were also donated for the soldiers to use when writing home. These were sorted and sent.


All packages were taken to the post office and were in the mail by midday!



We started the Valentine / St. Patrick’s Day collection with $223.73 left from Christmas. We collected $376.25 for this shipment and THUS FAR have spent $469.36 ($337.50 was for postage). So currently we have: $223.73 + $376.25 – $469.36 = $130.62. There is one more receipt from the ladies who purchased items on Saturday morning not included above so the true amount remaining in the fund is closer to $60 – $70.

Our Next Collection will be for Easter. Collection for this will start February 23, 2010 and will end March 19, 2010. Packing party tentatively scheduled for March 20, 2010.

Collection starts for Valentine / St. Patrick’s Day Shipment on Monday 1/4/10

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shamrock03 banner03leprechaun04

Collection for the Troops Valentine / St. Patrick’s Day Shipment will start Monday 1/4/10 and continue to Friday 1/29/10.  We are hoping to ship by Saturday 1/30/10.

We need any and all items that have a Valentine or St. Patrick’s Theme and small
enough to fit into the shipping boxes  – 12″ x 12″ x 5-1/2″.

General items that are always good to send include:

Little Debbie treats, candy (hard candies hold up better),  Oreo
cookies, trail mix, nuts / cashews, hygiene items, liquid shower soaps,
medicated powder, drink mixes, beef snack sticks, non-perishable food
items, lip balm, sun screen, aloe lotion, individually wrapped handi
wipes, small bottles of Germ-x hand sanitizer, saline inhalers (helps
nose bleeds), eye drops (moisturizing), shoe inserts (like Dr. Scholl’s)
/ arch supports, DVD’s and music CD’s, letter writing materials (pens,
paper, stationary, small notebooks), bug repellant,flashlights, air
fresheners, sun block, travel size games, cards, dice etc.

Anything homemade like cookies, bourbon balls, etc.

Please do not donate anything in aerosol cans.

If you want to send stuffed animals, please send small beanie baby sized
ones.  These will be easier to pack and when larger ones fall into the
wrong hands they can be used to conceal IEDs.

Collection boxes will be set up in 5 DHSS buildings and each building as well
has a person to contact to make a monetary donations:

> In the 912 building, the collection box will be located in the Employee
Break Room; contact for monetary donations is Marti Thruston, Division
of Senior and Disability Services.

> In the 920 building, the collection box will be located in the Entrance
Lobby; contact for monetary donations is George Lauer, ITSD.

> In the 930 building, the collection box will be located in the Entrance
Lobby; contact for monetary donations is Peggy Hartman, Bureau of
Communicable Disease Control and Prevention.

> In the Knipp building, the collection box will be located in the Entrance
area; contact for monetary donations is Terri Russler.

> In the 1617 Southridge bldg, the collection box will be located in Employee
Break Room; contact for monetary donations is Carla Kolb.

Monetary donations are also possible online at aka

Christmas Shipment – UPDATE #5

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Email from LT Jeremy Preston:

I received this email from Lt Jeremy Preston today.  Jeremy is Noraleen Hord’s son.  Noraleen’s father was the first of 11 WW II vets we sent to the WWII memorial last year.


Kyle Jarvis, Noraleen’s grandson is scheduled to deploy sometime this year.  Noraleen’s family has and is doing much to defend our freedom.

—– Original message —–
From: “Jeremy Preston”
Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 00:20:45 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Thank You!

George – I apologize for not sitting down and writing earlier.  I wanted
to say thank you for all the care packages you have sent.  I have shared
everything with my fellow Soldiers so you can rest assured it has all
been put to good use.  The Christmas Tree has been up most of the month,
I think I will take it down today and store it for our replacements.
Speaking of our replacements they will be here in less than a month.  We
are all looking forward to getting out of here and back to our friends
and families.  With any luck we will be sitting on our couches by March

It is getting cold here in Afghanistan and is snowing in a lot of the
country.  We work and live at Bagram Airfield and it has only snowed
once here so far.  Hopefully we will get one more good snow here before
we leave.

Thanks again to you and everyone else for the care packages.  If you
would like to keep sending care packages please address them to our
replacements, they are the 419th Movement Control Battalion and are a
Army Reserve unit out of Illinois.  CPT Scott McLean is my replacement.

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

LT Jeremy Preston
484th Movement Control Battalion