WWII MIA Returns Home after 65 years.

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This from the Patriot Guard:

Pvt. Henry E. Marquez, 18 will return to Kansas City, KS on Thursday May 28, 2009 after being an MIA for 65 years. Marquez was born on 26 January 1926 and killed in action in Germany during World War II on 4 November 1944.


His remains were discovered along with another member of the 112th Infantry.  In November 1944, the 112th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, was attacking east through the Hürtgen Forest in an attempt to capture the German towns of Vossenack and Schmidt. On Nov. 4, the Germans counterattacked in what would become one of the longest running battles in U.S. history.  Rogers and Marquez, both members of G Company, 112th Infantry Regiment, were reported killed in action near Vossenack on Nov. 4. Their bodies were not recovered.  In 2007, a German citizen searching for wartime relics in the Hürtgen Forest uncovered human remains and military identification tags for Rogers and Marquez.

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he finally comes home.

3rd Missouri Causality this Week

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Paul F Brooks

Sgt. Paul F. Brooks, 34, of Joplin, Mo died May 21 near Baghdad, Iraq of wounds sustained when their unit was attacked by enemy forces using improvise explosive devices while on dismounted patrol.

Paul's Family

He is survived by his wife, Nicole; his mother, Barbara Brooks, of Jonesboro; his father, Paul David Brooks; and seven children: Hayley, 14; Harmony, 11; Seth, 7; Logan, 6; Aiden, 5; Samara, 3; and Denver, 2.

Paul Brooks

Funeral arrangements are pending.