Valentine Messages

February 17, 2009 at 8:17 pm | In Uncategorized by admin
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The Valentine Gifts we sent overseas as well as those delivered to the families here at home were a big success!


In addition to the thanks I received in person, I also received the following written messages that I wanted to share with you:

From Tamara Tue, 17 Feb 2009 –

Thank you so much for the Valentine an St. Patrick day boxes. They were great. I was able to share with several people. Also I know it is a little late but I was finally able to up load a couple pictures. Here is the Christmas tree and one of me.
Thanks again for everything,

Here are the pictures of Tamara and her tree –

From Kathy Sale, 17 Feb 2009 -

Thank you, George, for the Valentine and cookies and candies for me and Paul’s kids, Merri and Anthony. We sure enjoyed those cookies! I just back to work from my mini-vacation and have had a big surprise for Valentine’s Day besides your gift. About 5:00 Saturday evening, Paul rang my doorbell. He got early leave and left Iraq Feb. 11 to come home on MR (?). He was not supposed to come until March. He will be home til March 2 then has to report to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport to go back.  It sure is good to see him.  He and his brother, David, left for New York this morning to put his stuff in storage. They will be back Friday. I will try to have him come by next week to meet you. I told him about how wonderful you and others are in all you do.  I guess this is why we didn’t hear from him about his Valentine shipment. Thanks again.

From Renee Bequette, 11 Feb 2009 -

George, your too much!  Thank you so much.  Aside from Geno you are one of the sweetest and most thoughtful men I have had the pleasure to cross paths with. You think of everything, don’t you? Not only do you take care of our guys and girls fighting for our freedoms you are taking care of us at home. How thoughtful! Thank you again.  I don’t know what else to say. I’m practically speechless.
Take care,