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Thank you so much for all you and your helpers did for our troops and for Jason Chase. I know they will appreciate it more than words can say. Please keep me posted of new events as they are being planned.

Thanks again.

Cindy Joannes


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Hello all….    Thanks for the Thanksgiving package, it did arrive a couple days before Thanksgiving!!!
WOW all those packages from KMOX!!!!  Lots of great stuff for the school kids!!!!  A huge thanks to all that participated in that project!!!!  We will be delivering the supplies to the school soon.
Looking forward to the Christmas Tree!!!!  Sounds awesome!!!!!!
We had a great Thanksgiving here…  we had to work a regular day…  but got TWO huge meals…(lunch and dinner)… turkey, ham, crab legs, shrimp cocktail…..  and of course…  pumpkin pie and pecan pie….  mmmmmm  they really did it up nice!!!!!

Ronald J. Hansen
KFOR-9, TF Falcon, Automation G-6


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This is a Christmas picture from Capt.Troy Vaughn at Camp Anaconda near Balad Iraq. He received your box and both he and I appreciate it very much. He is second from the left in front. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!
From mom in Jefferson City
Cheryl Vaughn

(NOTE Troy’s message with this photo also posted below)

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